Beware of Verbal Rental Agreements Between Landlords and Tenants – Try a Property Management Company

A verbal rental agreement can cause nothing but headaches for landlords and tenants alike. If a disagreement arises between the two parties, there is nothing to refer to to solve the problem. If one of the parties sues the other it becomes a he said/she said argument that a judge cannot untangle without a written lease to refer to.

The best solution is to hire a property management company. The State of Nevada Real Estate Division requires property managers to be knowledgeable and educated about landlord tenant relations. Using an enforceable, legal rental agreement is a vital part of the job.

A very strong part of property management education is to never enter into verbal agreements with tenants. It is a stumbling block that causes so much havoc for both landlords and tenants that history has taught us to avoid verbal agreements at times.

Many cities and towns across the country have real estate companies with trained property managers willing to assist landlords with their leases. Fees range by percentage or flat fees depending on the level of management services a landlord requires. Tenants can come into the office to sign rental agreements without the landlord being present. The landlord gives over the responsibilities to the real estate company to require a written, legal rental agreement to be executed between the tenant and the landlord.

Taking the initiative and action to interview and hire a real estate company can solve many headaches and problems for landlords and tenants alike. Because many landlords and tenants are not schooled in ways to minimize lease and rental potential problems, hiring property management company to do the task can be a valuable vehicle for smoother relations with tenants.

How to Obtain an Online Hospitality Management Education

The field of hospitality is used in a variety of industries. Students can enter online training in hospitality management and learn how to plan and manage various aspects of the field such as events and employees. Obtaining an education online is possible when students enroll in a college or university that offers this degree.

Education trains students how to maintain the daily function of restaurants, entertainment companies, and other lodging businesses. The main goal is to train students how to actively participate in the stay of individuals to ensure they have a satisfying experience. Many aspects and departments inside a company go into this goal and online education teaches students how to coordinate them. Students that want to enter this field can obtain an education by completing a training program. Schools provide students with training opportunities at the associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degree level. Two factors may go into choosing an online program, which include time and career goal. Students should decide how much time they can dedicate to schooling. For example, an associate’s degree program typically lasts two years compared to a four-year bachelor’s degree program. Career goals may be the deciding factor because some positions may require a bachelor’s degree and others may require employees to have a master’s degree.

To gain a strong knowledge base, students should complete an associate’s degree program. Students learn the needed management skills to gain entry-level positions. Business principles and specific hospitality practices are discussed and learned within an online program. Common educational courses could include:


The skills learned inside an associate’s degree program give students the needed knowledge to work as guest services managers, dining room supervisors, and more.

Bachelor’s degree programs provide students with a complete knowledge of hospitality management. Online learning covers the business of hotels, convention centers, resorts, and more. Students that have already completed an associate’s degree program can transfer credits and complete a bachelor’s degree program in less time. Management techniques are explored in order to prepare students for the professional workplace. Students learn how to maintain a fully functioning establishment. Tasks learned may include working with disgruntled guests, fixing food problems, and arranging transportation for travelers. No matter what specific focus a concentration places on a program students will work through the same core course, which may include:

Information Services
Human Resources

Event planners, hotel managers, and culinary arts supervisors are some career possibilities for students that complete online education at this level.

Students that want to enter upper-level management, entrepreneurship, or teaching careers should complete an online master’s degree program. Education explores advanced management practices and research to learn new methods of improving the industry. Common courses could include:


Students can enter careers as professors, consultants, entrepreneurs, and corporate directors when they complete this level of education.

Online training provides students with an effective plan to obtain an accredited education. Fully accredited schools and colleges are able to offer students the quality education they deserve. Agencies like the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges are approved to fully accredit qualifying programs. Complete a degree program in hospitality management and enter a career in this large industry.

Business Management Education

A seed of opportunity helps business to operate and grow exponentially. Most businesses are inherited or some are started to explore a simple yet big opportunity. Some opportunities reap great results but some fail miserably. Have you ever tried to analyze why things go wrong when there is a real opportunity to prosper? No. Well! Due to lack of proper business management education, it becomes difficult to keep a track of activities that matter most for a business plan.

Without having proper knowledge and information on insights of a business plans, it becomes impossible to overcome hurdles that will come in between the steps. Education necessarily does not mean information or pros & cons of a particular business plan, but, it also includes the over all understanding of handling issues of a business identity. Despite worked for so many years, many people lack basic understanding. Some people find it difficult to change with the time which further poses several problems in practical business environment.

No wonder, company owners need to understand both inside and outside of the business. Without having clear information and understanding, it is quite difficult to overcome problems. It becomes very much important to know the basic understanding of everything right from accounting, marketing, operations, financial analyzing, maintenance etc. Complete ideas about all the components of a perfect business plan will definitely going to help in combating unique international challenges. Start collecting reliable and fruitful reading materials, interact with industry people, learn about new technology, brush your management skills etc to become a better business person.

Online Hospitality Management Career Preparation Education Options

Career training for hospitality management can be done through various accredited online schools and colleges. The career possibilities in this field allow for a number of exciting professions. Training can be completed from the comfort of home in a number of specialized areas. Online learning will prepare students to enter into their desired career prepared to be successful. Career preparation is available at various levels ranging from certificates to bachelor degrees. Students can start by learning more about educational options in this field.

Hospitality Management – Preparation for a career in this area of the field can be completed through online studies. Training is available at several levels including certificates, as well as associate and bachelor degrees.

Certificates can take a few months to one year to obtain and are for those looking to just start their career, or professionals who wish to enhance their skills.
Associate degree programs can take students two years to complete and will help prepare those who wish to further their education at the bachelor level.
Bachelor degrees in hospitality management can require students to spend four years on accredited studies.

Students who enter into this career field will be able to pursue a number of careers. Students can seek employment in hotels, resorts, travel agencies, and much more. Coursework will vary but may include beverage management, tourism services, catering management, human resource management, and much more. Students can start by enrolling in an accredited hospitality management degree or certificate program today.

Hotel and Motel Management – Students who wish to obtain the education necessary for a career in hotel and motel management can do so by enrolling in an accredited online school or college. Studies can be completed at a variety of levels ranging from a certificate to a bachelor level degree.

Certificate programs can range anywhere from several months to one year of study for students entering this field.
Associate degrees typically take students two years for completion in hotel and motel management.
Bachelor level degree training programs can require four years of online study for students to complete.

Students who enroll in an accredited online learning program will be able to gain the skills and knowledge they need for a successful career in this field. Coursework will cover various subjects such as marketing, food service management, economics, housekeeping, hotel maintenance, and many other relevant courses. Certificates and degrees in this area will allow for employment in property management, administrative management, financial management, and much more. Students can gain an online education to start the career of their dreams.