Online Management Courses Increase Your Promot-Ability

You have to fully participate and finish the course, of course. That may seem like a dumb statement but the research shows that only about 25% of people who start online courses actually finish them. This is great news for those of us who complete them. We stick out from the quitters. At a result of this “Great Disruption” many employees are realizing that they need to take a management course if they want to advance their career.

Operating Principle: If you’re snoozing, you’re losing.

One of the best things about a well-run, “edutaining” web course is the fact that you can take it from the comfort of their own home or office. No cold or stuffy classrooms crammed in with people you don’t know and will never get to know.

No commute is necessary for online webinars. This means that you won’t be spending that extra money on gasoline to travel to and from class. Nor will you be patted down then jammed into “cattle class” with no food or water for a few hours.

Ok. Enough of the negative.

All you need is a laptop or access to computers in order to take advantage of this leading edge form of management education.

Here are some “musts” that will ensure that you have a great “edutaining” learning experience:

Pick courses of interest to you and that will be seen by your employer as valuable and practical.
Make sure the instructor is well experienced and “edutaining” – no droning on, please.
Live, interactive webinars are most engaging because people can text chat in questions and comments.
Make sure you get a recording of the sessions so you can review or go over if you have to miss a program.
Look for videos to be shown to make instructional points.
Ask to see a sample of the instructor’s power points or keynotes so you can judge the quality.
Courses with pre-printed e-Playbooks designed specifically for online course will keep you engaged and will act as a guide to take notes.
Streaming video of the instructor as s/he presents is a key to keeping the course engaging.
Ask what kind of interactive tools are included like polls; white boarding, text chats, etc.
Look for webinars that are content-rich, with depth of information.
Ask if you get a certificate of completion, or better yet continuing education units from your professional association.
I always look for one-on-one coaching/mentoring as an option so I can ask my specific questions and apply the learning’s to my specific situations.

We’re all busy working a full-time job. An online course allows you to work out your own schedule. This flexibility makes it easy to engage in learning, while still working.