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Management Education Should Be Improved

Management Education offers marketing courses, course in human resource management, media etc., is something for which each and every student aspires for. The extent to which we learn to manage is “what is important” and in this, some students pursue formal education in management whereas some students emerge as self taught. But what I would like to concentrate upon is this pursuit of formal management education.

Are lectures coupled with case studies, workshops, interactive sessions, seminars and presentations the most ideal form of teaching is the traditional method that is followed across most institutions. Some institutes have innovated with Guest faculty who give a first experience of the happenings in the industries, so that the students can remain updated of the latest developments. It is becoming imperative for B-Schools for effectively combining tradition with innovate and modernity.

Just check the traditional methods that are followed by many B-schools in short listing the students for Management education. The written exam is followed by Group Discussions and Personal Interviews. Various leading B-schools that offer marketing courses, course in human resource management etc, have incorporated and innovated factors of psychological performance through innovative management games and response tests for judging the students true outlook for pursuing management education.

B-schools create revolutionary thinkers, leaders in the business world but they have not been thinking to take any innovative steps as far as their own brand building is concerned until now.

One might want from B-Schools may be endless. But as a bench mark B-schools (offering marketing courses, course in human resource management etc.) should strive to offer an infrastructure that will incorporate the state-of-the-art facilities aimed at strengthening the technical, conceptual and human skills of the managers that emerge from the institute.

With features of intelligence building, the overall set up should be futuristic that will be cumulative effect of Technology with knowledge faculties (from India and abroad) from across the globe. All thanks to rapid progress of technology for this will be a systems driven set up in the age of digital era.

These facilities should include Plug and Play classrooms equipped with video data LCD projectors, videoconferencing, audio playback facilities with high speed internet connectivity, E-centre and Entrepreneurship Guidance Cell, Centre for Global Networking, Hi-tech Management development centre, State-of-the-art CD ROM based library, Case Study discussion hall and the likes.

Online MBA – New Trend in Education

Online education is the latest academic discipline to arrive in the world of academia. It has emerged as a vibrant field for professional education. It is today the most preferred choice for higher education, among young men and women of the country. Its demand will continue to rise and hence its qualitative growth needs serious attention. While the demand for management education will continue to grow with the growth of Indian economy, the quality of demand will undergo a shift. Functional business schools, sectoral business schools, condensed MBA for one year or shorter duration, modular MBA, net based online MBA, executive MBA will provide new models of higher education in management.

It is likely that large corporations and growing industry may ask for customized MBA and B- Schools may respond to it. In India steel, power and oil industry have already established excellent executive education centers, they will evolve into promising Business schools. Business Schools in the future will enhance their intake and strengthen their academic and physical infrastructure, improve quality of education delivery system, and strengthen capabilities to meet the rising expectations and demands from the market.

In all probability, the online executive MBA programs have mushroomed to meet the demand without creating any miss issue will also exist in the decades. Another reason for growing online MBA program in India has already forged partnership with overseas courses. The partnership strategies will extend between universities and online institutes with in the country and across the world. They also have effectively partnered with automobile industry. There will be another kind of partnership between online executive MBA institutes and corporations.

Finance University – A Head Start With Leading Business and Management Education

Students with lifelong aspirations of being at the cutting edge of business and finance should not do anything by halves and enroll at a London business school to secure a head start with leading business and management education.

Submerging yourself in the City of London and its intellectual hub gives students the opportunity enjoy top education from professionals and companies with stimulating research and debate on key issues facing international business and finance.

The beauty of studying at a London finance university is that it offers an unrivalled range of world class business courses with a truly international perspective – attracting some of the best international talent into undergraduate and Masters programmes. This is a great way to test yourself against scholars of the highest calibre.

Teaching at a finance university generally boasts internationally recognised academic talent with years of experience in industry. London business schools also benefit from their City links with the ability to call upon industry experts to give a highly sought after practical dimension to programmes. Not only does this give the necessary intellectual theory behind the practice it can work as an inspiration to succeed.

Students who consider taking the path of study all the way through to Doctorate level will be thrown right in at the deep end in terms of research of key areas in global business. With the chance to establish leadership in research areas from the Eurozone to pensions and property, their findings not only influence policy and industry practice but also fuel the contents of future BSc, MSc and MBA programmes.

Located in the heart of London’s financial district, Cass Business School is a leading provider of business and management education.

Indian Institutes Of Management (IIMs) – The Temples Of Modern Management Education

IIMs or Indian Institutes of Management are the premiere centers of Management Education in India. They are highly reputed worldwide for their teaching techniques, managerial skills repository and research work on management and related areas. IIMs have been established by the Government of India to select the best intellectual talent from across the country. These talents will eventually make a pool of the elite world class managers to manage and lead various sections of Indian economy. Presently, there are seven IIMs situated in the cities of Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Bangalore, Kozhikode, Indore, Kolkata and Shillong. IIMs are completely autonomous institutes which invite no interference from the Government or other central or state agency. Each IIM is administered by a Board of Governors.

IIMs are known to be the best in the world for teaching, research and dealing with industries. They have been pioneer in creating managerial manpower development. The alumni of IIM enjoy high reputation in the world for being quality management products. IIMs offer several programs to the graduate and post graduate students. Some of the most renowned programs are PG Diploma courses in Management, which is equivalent to MBA; Fellowship Program in Management, which is equivalent to PhD; Executive MBA; Industry based programs and training programs as well as Part Time MBA for various organizations and individuals.

The admission process in to these prominent institutes is also very significant. This is done by the CAT (Common Admission Test). One CAT is conducted to select the students for all seven IIMs each year and usually in the month of November. This is one of the most competitive exams in the world. It is said to be even more selective than the entire top US Business Schools put together. As per the statistics available for the year 2007, around 2,30,000 students compete for less than 1200 general category seats. Competitiveness makes CAT a privilege to pass and a benchmark to the intellectual minds.

11th Five Year Plan of India has proposed for the set up of 7 more IIMs by the end of 2012 in different parts of the country. Government of India has approved 6 IIMs in the states of Jammu and Kashmir, Tamilnadu, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Uttarakhand and Haryana.