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Practicality of Management Education

It’s a dream for any student to do post graduation in management. Lots of management institutes have come up in last two to three years. Students have a lot of choices today. But students should be careful about the institute they choose. It’s as important as choosing your career path.

Just getting a degree of management course is not enough. Ultimately a student has to make a career in the corporate world. Today’s corporate world is lot different than what it was 10 years ago. Today the Global economy is much more interlinked. Problems in one part of the world spread like wild fire to other parts of the world. As we know western economies are in trouble. Greece is facing a crisis. This crisis has put a question mark on the existence of Eurozone. If no solution is found for this problem quickly, again the entire world will have a bad time. Also economies are much more open today. We can make it out from our own economy. Almost all sectors have been opened up. Earlier a few business families used to dominate Indian markets. There was a license raj. It was easy for these business houses to manage competition and customers. Customers were the ultimate losers who got bad products and services.

Now the scene is totally different. Sectors have been opened up. Competition has intensified across sectors. Customer has ample choices. Getting good growth has become difficult. Corporate executives are under tremendous pressure to deliver.

Today’s management graduates are supposed to work in such a scenario. Not only are they supposed to work but also deliver. Just classroom inputs are not going to help students to survive and grow in their careers. Many of the institutes are just doing that. They are just offering classroom inputs supplemented by some minor practical assignments. Students get certificate at the end of two years. But this certificate doesn’t mean that they are ready to deliver in practical world. Because ultimately what matters is how student applies concepts in the real life situation to get results. Just because a student is management graduate doesn’t help him in having fast track career.

That is why when student chooses management institute he should be careful. He should look at the contents of course apart from other things. Course should have practical perspective. Syllabus should be integrated with the industry so that during two years not only he learns concepts in the classroom but also gets a chance to apply them in the real life situation. When syllabus provides this opportunity, he gets ready to perform in the corporate world. Today so many management graduates pass out every year. If one tracks their career, not everybody makes it to the top. Only a few management graduates reach the top. All those lose out had only degree. But they were not ready to fulfill the requirements of corporate world. Blame goes to institutes which didn’t mould students in two years as per the requirements of industry. That is why students should choose only those institutes that really prepare and mould them to take on the big bad corporate world.

How to Select the Best MBA Institute For Management Education

Do you want to build your career in rewarding and satisfying field? If yes, MBA is one of the lucrative careers of today. There are numerous MBA Institutes in India that run best business programs at their institutes. Having great career opportunities in this field, thousands of students do work hard in order to get admission in Top notch MBA Colleges. There are some simple steps that will help you to get admission in these institute.

• If you have great intention to be a part of Top MBA Institute, you should have to qualify national level entrance exams such as CAT, MAT exams. Many reputed colleges prefer those candidates who have qualified these entrance exams.

• In order to select good institution, you should have the complete knowledge about college profiles. You should also know about their accreditation, experience, projects, programs, certifications, experts and much more.

• Over the Internet, you may find many colleges that offer online programs. So you can pick your college and apply online at their online admission forms and fulfill the mentioned requirements.

• Before taking admission in any Institute, you should check out its offered programs. Today, there are many MBA fields like hospitality, administration, media etc. So you can select your favorite field and make a career in it.

• If you are a working student, you should ensure for separate classes. Many MBA Colleges organize separate classes for the working people. A good MBA college always has some provisions such as scholarship programs, campus placements, evening classes and much more. So you should pick a college that fulfills your requirements.

Online Hospitality Education and Training Programs


The Hospitality industry is one which has grown in leaps and bounds with the advent of the last century and the advancements in transportation and communication. This growth has been phenomenal to the extent that today, a little over a hundred years on, hospitality is the main revenue maker for many countries across the globe. For these tourist destinations, the revenue gathered from vacationing consumers is critical to the GDP and social growth. Interlink this with the travel industry, which is considered part and parcel of hospitality and you can see an economic turnout toughing not billions but trillions of dollars worldwide annually, with millions earning their livelihood and massive numbers of jobs being created every year as many nations now begin to explore into this vast, only partially tapped market.

Especially today, when information is readily available on the internet and large numbers of vacationers are looking to escape to cheaper destinations, hospitality has become one of the major pillars for the rebuilding process.

What does online hospitality consist of?

Hospitality is a broad term encompassing many aspects of travel, tourism and entertainment. These and their many subcategories belong to, but are not limited to tourism and are found in every corner of the globe.

The main factor to remember about this industry is that Hospitality is now big business, in fact, one of the biggest around and nearly every other industry is affected by it. This means that hospitality consists of areas relating to any field of expertise from any and every aspect of business or profession. Another factor to remember is that hospitality and online hospitality have become one, i.e., while in the days of web1.0, hospitality on the internet was limited to information only, In this web2.0 era, it is now hosted on the web as a consolidated business, and it stands to reason that hospitality education is also consolidated on the internet as a viable area of education and training.

Some of the areas associated with hospitality on the internet are as below;

– Online Travel bookings by air, sea or land

– Online Accommodation and bookings for hotels, resorts and guest houses

– Online destination finders and packaged deals involving popular vacations and destinations

– Online booking ticketing for entertainment shows, casinos and even adventure sports

Online Hospitality education; major programs

Hospitality education is available over the internet from many famous colleges and universities in Europe and the Americas. Many of these courses are available in blended/online format and are conducted over the internet so that professionals and students all over the world can benefit from the learning while not having to travel, relocate or quit their jobs in order to do so.

There are many programs online that can help you learn or train for a career in core hospitality management, for instance hotel management, or for any of the niche supporting areas in hospitality, namely accommodation management, entertainment, travel and tours, cooking and catering and sports (golf, tennis, fishing, adventure etc); you can even learn to be a jet ski instructor or a crabbing or snorkeling specialist.

Here are some of the well known programs and courses on offer over the internet. These are all part of the online hospitality management education category and are available to almost anyone from any industry or field of education. Each of the following courses has an emphasis on hospitality management and its support functions;

– Online Full MBA (Concentrated study in Hosp & Tourism)

– Master of Science in Recreation, Sport and Tourism

– MA in Tourism Planning and Development

– Bachelors in Business / Management

– Bachelor of Science in Business Administration / Hosp & Tourism

– BS – Interdisciplinary Studies in Hosp Management

– BS in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management

– Associate of Arts in Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism

– Associate degree in Global Travel and Hosp Management

– Certificate in Organizational Management- Hotels & Accommodations

– MA/MS, BA/BS, Certificate/ASS in Cooking, catering and presentation (various types/cuisines)

Managing Employees – Continuing Education and Then Some

I have covered some very basic general management principles in my first two articles. I want to wrap up this group of articles before going into employee relation skills by addressing the importance of continuing education. This does not mean running down to your local college, though that is very valuable if you need to learn a new or expanded skill, like preparing to manage in a new area of the business you are in. I want to focus on how you can really pick up on the successes of others. First and foremost, have a mentor. Make sure that your mentor is also a leader. You do not want to spend your valuable time being mentored by someone that has not had successes along the way. Follow the successful! The purpose of mentoring is to short cut your learning curve. There is only so much time in your life and you do not have enough of it to learn all of the lessons on your own. So, borrow from others! When should mentoring start? As soon as possible. You can learn valuable lessons anywhere along your career path. It is OK to have more than one! I always go back to the verse in Proverbs, “In the abundance of counselors there is victory.” Available counselors are all around you. This acknowledges that you do not know it all and need to rely on the experiences and wisdom of others.

One of the characteristics you want to have to get the most out of mentoring is to be willing to change. If someone else is doing something better than you are, don’t stumble over your pride of authorship. I had someone ask me this exact question years ago. He knew that I wanted to do everything right and at that point, I thought that I was. I am sure that he thought that I believed that I knew all the answers. He asked me, “If you saw someone doing something better than you, what would you do? I said, “I would change immediately.” This allows you to get the most from the available education around you. Never believe that you have all the answers. Keep your eyes, ears and heart open to new ideas and approaches.

Here is one more recommendation, one that you have probably have not heard before. Maintain a relationship with management employees two levels up from where you are. This will give you another view of your current business situations. This needs to be done in full view of the person you report to so that you do not appear to be jumping over your boss, which is not a good idea. You can usually accomplish this by asking questions that your boss’s boss needs to answer. Your boss may ask you to join a conversation that your boss has with the person he or she reports to. Take advantage of these opportunities. Be humble and your view will likely be requested.

Here are a few more educational items for you. First, remember that one of your jobs is to make the person you report to successful. That is why you were put into your position in the first place. He or she is accountable for what you do! Second, do not burn bridges. You never know when you will run into the person you used to report to again. It is also possible that he may report to you someday! You want that to go to smoothly. And finally, let your work speak for itself. Humility beats pride when moving up the ladder of responsibility.